4 Ways to Fight Binge Eating

Binge eating is a common problem with many people around the world, and there are many reasons why people decide to overeat or feel they are entitled to eating large quantities of food during a short space of time. Here are some of the main ways you can fight binge eating and get onto the path of eating better and healthier.

1. Don’t restrict yourself

Binge eating normally happens when you have restricted yourself for a period of time. If you’re on a strict diet, for example, you might spend a week craving something sugary, but not allowing yourself to have it. When these cravings build up, they turn into one huge craving that you then feel the need to satisfy. Since you haven’t eaten any bad foods in a few days, it’s easy to feel like you deserve to overeat in order to compensate for the lack of food you’ve allowed yourself.

2. Ease your stresses

Some of us binge eat when we’re feeling stressed, and if you’re so worried and anxious that you don’t even care about the results of overeating, this can become dangerous. Make a list of the things that you’re worried or stressed about and try to get rid of these anxieties in various ways. You can do this by exercising to let off some steam, hanging out with some friends or chatting to somebody close to you about your problems.

3. Don’t have cheat days 

Most of the binge eating we do while we’re ‘dieting’ comes from cheat days – days during which we allow ourselves to step out of line. However, the problem with cheat days is that we’re allowing ourselves an entire day to ‘cheat’ and step away from our otherwise healthy way of eating. Rather than having whole days where you allow yourself to binge, let yourself have a treat every couple of days to keep the cravings at bay and help you feel like you’re not being restricted all the time.

4. Don’t celebrate weight loss by eating

We’ve all done it – we lose a couple of pounds and celebrate by giving ourselves that cake we’ve had our eye on for a while or that extra cookie after dinner. Even going out for an unhealthy meal with friends at the weekend can damage your progress for the week, so reward yourself in other ways, such as buying clothes and makeup or going on a date night to the cinema with your partner.