6 Addictive Foods You Should Try

to Cut Out of Your Diet

Just like alcohol, drugs and other things can be addictive, an addiction to food is very real and is experienced by many people. There are certain foods which are bad for us yet very addictive – these are normally the foods containing high levels of white carbohydrates and foods containing sugar. Here are some of the most addictive foods you should try to cut from your diet.

1. Pizza

There are several things about pizza that make it so addictive to most people. The first factor is the high cheese content – cheese is a food which is considered by some health professionals to be more addictive than hard drugs. The second is the fact it is so filling and often tops with a variety of foods, appealing to various parts of our taste buds.

2. Chocolate

People often reach for chocolate when they’re having a sugar rush or a craving, and the high sugar content in milk chocolate is the reason it is so addictive. It curbs our cravings when we need it, but dark chocolate is a much healthier alternative.

3. Soda

Diet soda is less calorific than regular soda, but the sweeteners make it even worse for our bodies than the sugar found in regular soda. Many consumers of soda are oblivious to the amount of sugar the drinks actually contain, since it’s only a drink!

4. McDonald’s and Fast Food

There’s something about McDonald’s food that makes it one of the most addictive foods on the planet. There is sugar is almost everything they make, from the burgers to the sauce to the ice cream. Since sugar is one of the most addictive substances we know, it’s no surprise that so many people crave McDonald’s on a regular basis. However, the foods from this particular chain restaurant are full of bad fats and ingredients that don’t have any goodness whatsoever for our bodies.

5. Bread and Other Carbs

It’s difficult to think about having an addiction to bread, but it’s true that our bodies start craving carbs the more we eat them. Cutting stodgy carbs out of your diet will help you to crave them less, and it will help to cut down the amount of calories you eat and make you feel less bloated.

6. Cheese

Considered one of the most addictive foods, cheese isn’t necessarily bad for you when consumed in moderate quantities. Cheese, when consumed in larger quantities or too regularly, can cause stomach pains, constipation and weight gain.