How to Enjoy Fruits and Vegetables More

If you love fruit and vegetables, living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t seem so difficult. However, for those among us who would rather walk across hot coals than eat broccoli on a regular basis, getting all the nutrients you need can be a hard task. Here are some easy ways you can enjoy fruits and vegetables more and incorporate them into your diet.

Eat frozen fruit
Eating too much fruit can be bad for you since it’s full of sugars, but eating frozen fruit often tastes different to fresh fruit. It’s sweeter and crunchier, so if it’s the softer textures of fruit that you don’t like, the frozen varieties could work out better for you.

Combine fruit with other foods
Add some chopped apple to a walnut salad if you don’t like the thought of eating an apple on its own. Avocados are a great addition to salads too, and they’re full of goodness that will help you to feel fuller for longer.

Chop it up
It’s surprising how fruits and vegetables can be more enjoyable when they’re chopped up into smaller and more manageable pieces. Whether it’s apples, bananas or carrots and corn, chop them up into bite size pieces and have them next to your desk as a snack.

Try smoothies
You can put almost anything into a smoothie, and making foods into a drink can sometimes make it easier to consume. It’s also a great way of adding kale and spinach without having to taste it fully. You can mix berries and bananas with spinach and other leafy greens to give yourself all the goodness you need for the morning.

Make a soup
Boiling vegetables can be bland and boring, but mixing a few different types together to make a soup can fill you up as well as being very tasty. You can leave it as a chunky soup or blend it to make it thick and creamy – it all depends on your own personal preference.

Use twice as many vegetables
If you’re following a recipe, use extra vegetables in order to add more into your diet without really noticing. If you’re making a pizza, for example, throw on some extra corn, additional peppers and more in general of the veggie toppings that you’re using.

Roast vegetables and add herbs
Don’t like parsnips and sweet potatoes? Chop them up, cover them in a little oil and some fresh parsley and roast them in the oven for a couple of hours.