Shrimp Ceviche with Mango and Avocado


Shrimp ceviche with Mango and AvacadoCeviche is a raw fish, shrimp or tofu marinated lime juice. It is prepared in most Latin American countries and in the Philippines.   The raw fish or shrimp is cooked in the lime juice acids. The list of seafood dishes prepared in the way is endless but ceviche is the most common This is a beautiful and colorful dish, Shrimp Ceviche with Mango and Avocado is a fast and easy dish and can be served as an appetizer or salad.

*For more information regarding mangos please check The Story Behind Mangos



Shrimp Ceviche with Mango and Avocado

Beautiful colorful Shrimp Ceviche with Mango and Avocado
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 233 kcal
Author Laurie


  • 1 lb shrimp medium size
  • 3/4 cup lime juice
  • 1 jalpeno minced
  • 1/2 cup cilantro minced
  • 1 avacado ripe cut into bite size pieces
  • 1 mango ripe cut into bite size pieces
  • 1/2 red onion minced
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • lime slices for garnish
  • Valentino Salsa optional


  1. If the shrimp is fresh, clean and devein the shrimp and cut into small bite size pieces. **If the shrimp is farm raised or frozen and not cooked, bring a pot of salted water to a boil, and add the juice of one lime to the pot. Add the shrimp to the boiling water and remove from the heat. Allow the shrimp to sit for about 3 minutes, until just pink and cooked through. Drain shrimp and place in ice water to stop the cooking. Then clean and devein the shrimp. Cut into small bite size pieces.
  2. Place shrimp in a nonreactive bowl (for example a glass bowl). Add the lime juice and toss well. The juice should cover the shrimp. Place in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes or until the shrimp turn pink and no longer any grey is gone.
  3. Finely mince the jalapeno (removing seeds and veins, if you desire less heat). Cut the avocado and the mango into small bite size cubes. Coarsely chop most of the cilantro, reserving a few leaves for garnish. Toss the chopped cilantro and other ingredients with the shrimp.
  4. Chill for 15 minutes or until ready to serve. Ceviche is best eaten within an hour of preparation. Serve with hot sauce on the side with some lime slices as a garnish.
  5. Serving suggestions: 1. Place a bed of salad greens on a place. Take in half of an avacado and fill with the ceviche. 2. Place in a small bowl and gently press down to form a half circle, flip it over onto a serving plate and surround with tortilla chips. 3. Place on a tostada and cover with ceviche, garnish with cilantro and maybe some avacado.

Recipe Notes

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Nutrition Facts
Shrimp Ceviche with Mango and Avocado
Amount Per Serving
Calories 233 Calories from Fat 72
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 8g 12%
Saturated Fat 1g 5%
Polyunsaturated Fat 1g
Monounsaturated Fat 4g
Cholesterol 172mg 57%
Sodium 186mg 8%
Potassium 693mg 20%
Total Carbohydrates 18g 6%
Dietary Fiber 5g 20%
Sugars 8g
Protein 25g 50%
Vitamin A 52%
Vitamin C 69%
Calcium 10%
Iron 20%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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